"Yeah, But I Really Didn't Get Hurt." -The Mantra Behind Lifelong Degeneration

Hands Massaging Back

Nearly every day I speak to a new patient who is complaining of chronic health concerns. Maybe it’s constipation, headaches, acid reflux, leg pain or numb fingers. I begin by questioning the patient about old injuries, car wrecks, falls, sports… all the usual events in life that cause physical stress on the body. Almost universally people tell me that some, if not all of these apply, but continue by saying, “Yeah, but I didn’t get hurt.”

Vertebral Sublaxation Complex

Despite what some people may think, it is not only the major injuries (e.g., broken bones, concussions), but also the accumulation of seemingly innocuous physical events that wreak havoc on our bodies and ultimately our health later in life. Minor injuries to our spine often cause inflammation and spastic muscles that in turn prevent the spinal joints from moving in the manner in which they were designed. While these injuries may not hurt, as time passes they do cause the joints to begin deteriorating: A process known as VSC or vertebral subluxation complex.

Our bodies were magnificently designed to regulate and heal themselves. Your heart pumps blood throughout your body, your lungs supply your circulatory system with oxygen, your stomach digests what you eat, and your elimination system removes waste products. All of these systems function without any conscious effort from you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 70, 80, 90 or even more than 100 years! That is because your nerve system is the master controller of your body. It is responsible for orchestrating in perfect harmony all of your body’s functions.

Your spinal bones surround and protect the nerves in your spinal cord. When your spine is misaligned due to a vertebral subluxation, the spinal joints will put pressure on one or more nerves, interfering with the smooth communication of nerve signals along the nerve pathway. Since every cell in your body is connected to your brain through nerves that run through your spinal cord, a subluxation will adversely affect the cell to which the nerve is connected. As a result, lifelong spinal degeneration is the reason why so many people experience chronic health problems all over their bodies.

Chiropractic adjustments remove the interference to your nerve system. People who choose regular wellness chiropractic care find that they are as healthy and active as possible, regardless of their age. Educate your family and friends on the benefits of chiropractic care and invite them to participate before they suffer the consequences of lifelong spinal degeneration. Let’s all be healthy for life!

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