Genetic Solutions Does What Exercise and Diet Can't

If 20 people walk into a doctor’s office complaining of a cold, what do you think the odds are that most of them will leave with a similar treatment plan? Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all care is all too common in medicine today. With¬†Integrated Genetic Solutions (IGS), our goal is to change that.

Understanding Diet and Exercise

Don’t get us wrong, diet and exercise are important — very important. However, they’re only the general building blocks for a healthy life. And because every person is told to follow the same food guidelines (i.e. the USDA’s food pyramid), you may not be doing what’s best for your unique body. You, for example, may have a genetic need for more whole grains than the average person, which is whom the pyramid is based on.

Genetic Solutions Does What Diet and Exercise Can’t

How can you know if you have a greater need for one food group, vitamin, or mineral, you asked? That’s where Genetic Solutions comes in. First, we start with a laboratory-certified DNA and blood test. This information is then gathered and read by our algorithm. The algorithm will look at a few things, like:

  • Hormones
  • Pre-hormones
  • Fat-soluble vitamins
  • Water-soluble vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Various genetic markers

By knowing exactly which hormones, vitamins, or minerals your body is lacking, we can create a custom plan that is specific to only your body. By bringing their body chemistry into the “target” range across the board, patients can now live their fullest lives. After IGS, many of our patients have enjoyed improved energy levels, better cognitive function, and even weight loss.

Best of all, our patients are periodically retested as their body undergoes natural changes. As you age, we can fine-tune your supplements and recommendations.


We’re so proud to now offer Integrated Genetic Solutions testing at Unruh Spine Center for all existing and new patients. Want to learn more about how we can get you feeling your best? Give us a call at 661.338.5073 today!