Saugus Strong

Unruh Spine Center Donates to Benefit Saugus Shooting Victims

Giving Back to the #SaugusStrong Community through the Santa Clarita Disaster Coalition

At Unruh Spine Centers, we love to be involved with our local community through the good times and bad. Last month’s fundraiser at our office had a dash of holiday cheer while recognizing the somber mood of the community in the aftermath of the Saugus High School Shooting in November.

As someone who not only works but also lives within the Santa Clarita Valley, Dr. Chace Unruh and the staff were all impacted by the recent Saugus High School Shooting, if not directly, then through our friends and family. As members of the community, we also mourned the loss of 2 lives and also the 3 others wounded by the shooter.

We took action. We donated to a worthy cause benefitting these victims and their families through the Santa Clarita Disaster Coalition’s ongoing fundraiser, which has already raised $200,000. In the wake of this community-wide emergency, 100% of proceeds go to those affected by the shooting. The mission of this local nonprofit organization is to work as “second responders” by providing much-needed humanitarian relief to those who need a hand up rebuilding their lives after crisis situations such as natural disasters or any community-wide emergency.

Please consider donating to the Santa Clarita Coalition to benefit the victims of the Saugus High School shooting. If you would like to contact us at Unruh Spine Centers, call (661) 338-5167.