A Daily Example of A PERFECT DIET

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Your body is not meant to be overloaded with sugary, over-processed foods with no real nutritional value. Instead, it is meant to consume natural; raw foods have not been denatured by overcooking. The ideal diet composed of no less than 60% raw foods such as fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. This diet will pave the way for me a more energetic body is also heightened mental capacity. Our ‘Super-Size” culture has led many to believe that bigger is better and that less is not more.

A Daily Example of a Perfect Diet

It is ideal to eat six small meals a day, rather than infrequent large meals. Eating smaller meals doesn’t overwhelm your body with large amounts of food, and allows the time to properly digest and remove waste. Blood sugar levels are also stabilized, ensuring that you have enough energy to get through the day.

Breakfast is the most important meal because in it ensures your body has the right fuel to prepare it for the day. Ideally, breakfast should consist of raw fruits and freshly squeezed fruit juices. There’s nothing wrong with eating pancakes or bagels but you need to make sure you take enzymes with these foods. Make sure you take all the essential supplements as we discussed above. There are no excuses for skipping breakfast; it is that easiest meal of the day to prepare.

Snack on whole foods throughout the day, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. When eating out it is critical to watch your portion size. Do not eat everything that is put in front of you. Instead, try eating only 50% and wait for 20 minutes.

Give your body enough time to tell your brain that it’s full. If you don’t want to throw away good food, there’s no shame in asking for a takeout container. It is impossible to eat perfectly when dining out, but you can control how much you eat opt for healthier choices such as lean rather than fatty meats.

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, free range foods and proteins should also be part of every well-balanced diet. When cooking at home, learn how to make your salad dressings and condiments. This small effort is not only healthier but also saves you from the vast number of hidden calories in processed food. When shopping, it is best to go organic, which isn’t as expensive as you may think. Even Costco carries organic chicken and milk. Learn how to put together good food combinations, don’t prepare meals that are full of meat and potatoes and always remember that raw is better.

Your body is your most valuable asset and should not be neglected. Some people spend vast amounts of money on material possessions, but fill their bodies with dangerous chemicals and unhealthy foods. This is a complete contradiction. If you care about what’s on the outside, you should care twice as much about what’s on the inside. Instead of following the herd and not caring about what you eat, be proactive and do your research or consulted nutritionists, in the long run, your body will thank you for it.

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