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Heel Spurs

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A heel spur is a calcium deposit underneath the heel that causes the bone to become pointy and grow outwardly. The pain caused by heel spurs tends to be confused with another condition known as plantar fasciitis, a condition that refers to inflammation in plantar fascia ligament. However, a heel spur is a piece of bone that begins to form on the bone of the heel itself. In many cases, people, are unware that they have the symptoms of a bone spur.

While some people experience intermittent or chronic pain, the heel spur itself is not necessarily the root cause of the pain. Rather, the pain comes the inflammation or irritation of the plantar fascia ligament. Most people report that the pain feels the worst in the morning after first waking up, though it recedes as the ligaments loosen up.

What Is the Cause of Heal Spurs?

Heel spurs take months to develop and can go unnoticed or be mistaken for another ailment. Most often, heel spurs are the result of too much stress or pressure being put on the ligaments in the foot. Heel spurs can also develop if the membrane that covers the heel bone is repeatedly torn or damaged. The same physical activities that contribute to plantar fasciitis can also cause heel spurs.

Other common factors that cause heal spurs to develop include:

  • Mechanical defects that cause gait abnormalities
  • Tight calf muscles that limit the flexibility of the ankle
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Poor choice of shoes
  • Performing actions that demand you to spend extended time on your feet

What Are the Treatment Options for Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs cannot be diagnosed with a physical exam, they can only be observed through x-ray imaging. Many times, heel spurs are diagnosed because the doctor needed to take x-rays for something else.

If the pain in the heel continues for more than a month, you should visit your podiatrist, they may recommend the following non-invasive methods to treat your symptoms:

  • Different stretching exercises
  • Shoe replacement
  • Custom orthotics
  • Special padding
  • Physical therapy

In most cases, heel pain can be treated using conservative methods, but anti-inflammatory medications or injections can be used as well to help reduce pain and inflammation.

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