Santa Clarita Medical Services Offered

Promoting Health & Wellness in Our Patients Since 2002

The dedicated team of professionals at Unruh Spine Center are committed to the patients we serve. We proudly provide a full suite of medical services in addition to chiropractic care, such as podiatry, massage therapy, neurosurgery, general medicine, and pain management. Our full-service facilities are also equipped to perform related tests such as x-rays and nerve studies.

We take great pride in providing health-conscious residents of the Santa Clarita Valley with natural and effective methods to improve vitality and heighten a sense of well-being. Chronic pain and discomfort is not something you simply have to put up with; our Santa Clarita chiropractic team can help you to take control of your life again. Our philosophy of treating the individual as a whole, rather than specific symptoms, allows for a connection with our patients that they can find in very few other places.

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