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Treatment for Scoliosis in Santa Clarita

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If you have noticed that you have difficulty standing straight, uneven shoulders or hips, or have a distinct curve in your spine, you may have scoliosis. While medical professionals have not yet determined the exact cause of why scoliosis develops, mild cases typically do not require attention. In the event that you have moderate to severe scoliosis, you may need to obtain treatment to help reduce the curvature of your spine.

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At Unruh Spine Center, our experienced Santa Clarita chiropractors have decades of experience diagnosing and treating scoliosis. During your initial appointment with our practitioners, we will thoroughly examine the curvature of your spine and begin developing a course of treatment based you’re your specific needs.

Treatment for scoliosis may include:

Early Detection is Key

One of the biggest misconceptions about scoliosis is that it is a permanent condition. If this condition is detected during childhood, an experienced chiropractor can often develop a therapy program that can stop, slow, or even reverse one’s scoliosis.

If your child’s pediatrician, physician, or coach has mentioned that child has scoliosis, we recommend that you schedule an assessment with our staff so that we can diagnosis the severity of the curvature. In some cases, no treatment will be necessary as the curve is only slightly abnormal, yet in the event that your child has a moderate curve, we can develop a course of treatment to keep the condition from becoming an issue further in life.

Does Scoliosis Require Surgery?

For mild to moderate cases of scoliosis, surgery is typically not necessary and is reserved for more severe cases. Typically, more conservative treatments, such as regular adjustments and a dedicated exercise routine is enough to keep patients from needing surgery. At Unruh Spine Center, our Santa Clarita chiropractors specialize in spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis and are always happy to address any questions or concerns you have.

Your First Visit

In order to make your first visit to our office as efficient for you as possible, we have provided the new patient paperwork for you to complete prior to your appointment. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to assist you when you arrive.

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