How Can Genetic Solutions Help Me?

Does it ever feel like you’re going through the day in a fog? Especially if you eat right, exercise, and get a full eight hours each night, it can be frustrating to still feel “off” during the day. What many people don’t realize is that suggested diets, exercise regiments, and sleep schedules are just that — suggestions based on averages.

Integrated Genetic Solution (IGS), on the other hand, is a completely personalized program designed to help you feel your best.

Why Integrated Genetic Solutions is Different

Integrated Genetic Solution (IGS) is not a fad diet or a vitamin plan, it’s a way of understanding how your body works and where you specifically have “abnormal” levels.

We like to think we’re just bones, muscles, organs, and tissue, but the truth is that your body is very complicated. Through blood and DNA tests, we can get a complete breakdown of your physical history, mineral levels, hormone levels, vitamin levels, fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, and unique genetic markers.

Then, IGS provides healthcare practitioners with patient-specific dosing recommendations for each hormone, vitamin, and mineral level. With this new personalized package of bio-identical hormones and supplements, you can bring your levels from “below average” to the “target” range. Once in the target range, our patients have noticed an increase in their overall quality of life.

We’re so proud to now offer Integrated Genetic Solutions testing at Unruh Spine Center for all existing and new patients. Want to learn more about how we can get you feeling your best? Give us a call at 661.338.5073 today!