Why You Should Support Local Businesses

We often hear about the importance of “shopping small” or supporting local businesses when you need something. Whether it’s a car repair, food for the week, or even relief from your back pain, staying local and supporting a business in your community can have a tremendous impact on so much more than you may have ever imagined.

Since 2002, Unruh Spine Centers has helped Santa Clarita residents find the relief they’ve needed from back pain, something we’ve been able to continue to do thanks to the love and support we have received from residents of our city. However, the same principle applies to other small businesses as well. Places that have started small and grown to become mainstays in the area have all done so thanks to the continued and conscious choice many people make to shop small and support local entrepreneurs and business owners.

What Shopping Small Does For the Community

Why should you choose to shop small? The biggest reason is it’s an investment in your city. By going to a local small business, the money you pay to support them stays in the community and helps the local economy grow and thrive. The money the business makes is then used to pay its own costs, such as wages, supplies, and other overhead. The wages paid are then spent with other businesses, and as a whole, the community grows and continues to thrive.

Business that continue to grow and take on bigger demands also create more jobs, which means more people employed and an economy that only gets stronger and more robust as the years pass by. This gives local businesses another important advantage: the ability to fight for market space and compete with big businesses who may provide similar products and services, but don’t give as much back to the communities they’re in.

Furthermore, by shopping small, the tax dollars associated with that business transaction also remain in the community. This means you’re also doing your part to fund things like road improvement, parks and recreation programs, emergency services, and so many other things that make our city such a great place to live.

All of this cultivates a sense of pride in your community. When small businesses and those who run them are all directly involved in the city they’re located in, the businesses is going to make decisions that are ideal for the community as a whole, strengthening democracy and giving residents a stronger voice in how the community runs.

Choose a Local Chiropractor for Your Pain Relief Needs

If you’re struggling with back pain, whether acute or chronic, you don’t even have to leave our city in order to find relief. Unruh Spine Centers has helped numerous patients get the relief they’ve so desperately searched for the past decade and a half, and we’ve continue to grow and thrive thanks to the support of our community here in Santa Clarita.

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