How Integrated Genetic Solutions Provides Personalized Care

From general guidelines about diet and exercise to commonplace treatment options, we think it’s time to end “one size fits all” healthcare.

By looking at what your body needs, rather than nationwide averages, Integrated Genetic Solutions can help you live a happier, fuller life — even if you already consider yourself a healthy person.

How it Works — Integrated Genetic Solutions

Integrated Genetic Solutions (IGS) is not a diet or health plan — it’s a software program that provides healthcare practitioners with patient-specific dosing recommendations for each hormone, vitamin, and mineral level.

How Genetic Solutions Evaluates Your Health

Through blood and DNA tests, we can get a complete breakdown of your:

  • Hormone levels
  • Pre-hormone levels
  • Fat-soluble vitamins
  • Water-soluble vitamins
  • Mineral levels
  • Various genetic markers

We’ll then cross-examine where your levels are with where they should be (based on your DNA history) and create a 100% personalized approach to your health. With this new, personalized package of bio-identical hormones and supplements, you can bring your levels from “below average” to the “target” range.

Balancing Your Body Chemistry

Have you ever seen “within the normal range” on your health test results? While that may seem like a good thing at first, it’s important to remember that normal isn’t synonymous with healthy. If you fall within the normal range, all that means is that your characteristics are seen in 95-percent of the healthy population.

Don’t get us wrong, falling within the normal range is a good thing and implies you don’t have a chronic or serious condition. However, just because you’re not sick, that doesn’t mean you’re as healthy as you could be. In fact, even if you’re within the normal range, you could be far from reaching your full health potential.

Unlike standard testing, we never base your health on the population. Rather, we use your DNA and bloodwork to create a plan that’s designed to balance your body’s mineral, vitamin, and hormone levels.

Improve Your Physical Health

“I eat right, drink plenty of water, sleep eight hours a night, and exercise a few times a week, but still feel off throughout the day. What else can I do?” Unfortunately, this is a question we’re asked all too often. The true problem lies once again in generalized healthcare guidelines. For you to truly perform your best, you may need more (or less) of a specific vitamin than the average person.

After IGS, patients have gone on to have more energy throughout the day, lose excess weight, and have an overall better quality of life.

Boost Your Mental Health

After years of treating physical and mental health as two separate factors, it’s now widely understood throughout the community that they affect and influence one another. It’s for this reason that IGS patients experience more than just the physical benefits of balancing their body chemistry.

Several weeks after working with IGS, patients have expressed a better overall mood (often because they’re now no longer in chronic pain or discomfort), fewer mood swings, and better cognitive memory.

Forever Working to Perfect Your Health

Think back to 10 years ago — did you look, think, and act the way you do now? Of course not! Because humans grow and change as they age, we understand the importance of routine check-ups. Each patient who works with IGS will receive periodic blood tests to adjust or further fine-tune their dosing recommendations.


We’re so proud to now offer Integrated Genetic Solutions testing at Unruh Spine Center for all existing and new patients. Want to learn more about how we can get you feeling your best? Give us a call at 661.338.5073 today!